What is Pink the Bear Factory?

Pink the Bear Factory produces ideas and products that will ultimately give back to our community. We publish books that donate a percentage of their profits, and that is good for our planet. We also provide the “Animal Support” logo for any products that support animal welfare. More uplifting ideas will be created in the future. THINK PINK!

Published Books

Learn to Read Your Dog’s Energy

– A new way to communicate with dogs –

Spiritual messenger and Channeler Pink the Bear has met many shelter dogs who were traumatized. In many cases, they manifest so-called “problematic behavior” due to their past experiences and/or the environment in which they were placed.

Pink believes, “bad behavior” is their way of sending humans a message—a message of love. In order to help those dogs, Pink the Bear suggests communicating in a new way—learn how to read a dog’s energy. This art of communication is a gentle and natural way of guiding dogs to let go of their “issues” by trusting their own ability to heal themselves. Through their healing, humans will also begin to learn more about themselves as they too, go deep within to heal themselves… This highly requested book is now available for everyone to read in e-Book and printed book versions!


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