Learn to Read Your Dog’s Energy

– A new way to communicate with dogs –


When you hear something like “reading a dog’s energy” you might picture something intangible such as “the ability to see someone’s aura”, “psychic power” or some kind of special power. Animal rescue organizations in the United States often use sentences such as “this dog needs to expend his energy.” They may also consult a specialist who uses telepathy to communicate with animals in order to solve a dog’s behavioral problems or find a missing pet. Nonetheless, most people in the animal rescue field are probably not aware of energy or things they cannot see with their physical eyes. However, if they spend a lot of time with animals, they may experience something that is inexplicable and may unconsciously be sensing what is actually energy.If you have ever lived with an animal, you may have had the feeling that your pet is not feeling well or does not like certain people, even though you cannot “see” their energy with your physical eyes. “Reading energy” is not that difficult. You can think of it as something you cannot prove but you are certain about.

“People today may feel skeptical upon hearing the phrase “reading ones energy” because we live in a technologically advanced society where the need to use our natural telepathic abilities or, in other words, our “sixth sense” has atrophied. But it is true that dogs and other animals possess the ability to read each other’s energy to make sure they are safe, learn what others are thinking, and even communicate with another species. Dogs especially are experts in mirroring those they are closest to. People who have forgotten how to communicate through energy can regain the ability to read energy by spending more time with dogs and learning from them.”

–Except from the book “Learn How to Read Dog’s Energy”

“Learn How to Read Your Dog’s Energy” talks about how to improve “problematic behavior” by learning canine body language, different level of energy, and how to recover from unbalanced energy mirrored from their human. It explains a practical and specific approach to energy work using a dog collar, leash, your posture and breathing during your daily dog walk.

At the end of this book, it talks about how to see energy with your physical eyes and also explains the Chakra system for people who are interested. The goal is so that you can work with the energy in the most realistic manner (by combining Western and Eastern medicine, which is very effective). If you feel resistance to these ideas, please read this book as a “fictional story” and forget about it. Necessary words from this book will come back to you when the time is right. It will be there to support you when you revisit communication between humans and other animals, and most importantly learn more about yourself.

Dogs have been waiting for you to connect with them on the deeper level. We hope that this book will help you and your dog to re-establish that connection.


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